Unwrapping the thanksgiving present

whicken sent MusicBrainz a Thanksgiving Day present that consisted of nearly 3000 AR relationships, and I finally had the chance to import the data and play with it. A few of URLs to check out:

I didn’t know that 2Pac == Makavelli — I’m getting excited about AR. Can you tell? If you want to see the data whicken sent our way, look here.

Thanks tons Wendell!! (whicken)

Back to Advanced Relationships I trudge…

The last two weeks were pretty much dedicated to trying to make ends meet. Fortunately I managed to get some contract work that paid fairly well and was somewhat related to my spare time projects like MusicBrainz and XSPF. In the last two weeks I managed to earn 1/4 of what I earned all of last year. That speaks highly of the last two weeks and poorly on the last year.

The upshot is that I have time to get back to MusicBrainz hacking. That means I’m back on the project that won’t die: Advanced Relationships. Every time I think I am done, someone points out 2-3 new problems that set me back another week. Its been like this since the end of December, and its getting a bit frustrating. The positive thing about this is that I’m doing AR right — no ‘lets put this out there and we’ll make if work really well later‘. Besides, every-time I’ve half-assed a feature on the server, everyone has always let me know what they think, and its never pretty. 🙂

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