AR todo list

If you’ve been lusting for the new Advanced Relationships feature in MusicBrainz, take a look at our AR Todo list.

We need to complete this list of tasks before we release AR on the world. We’re now officially done with the features, but we still need to do some performance tweaking and behind the scenes futzing.

If you’d like to play, please go to the test server!

But keep in mind that the relationships on the test server will change! (They should be more complete and suck less for the first release.)

9 thoughts on “AR todo list”

  1. I’m slightly confused by this post.

    Are you saying AR 1.0 is feature complete on so go bang on it and see if we can break it? The pointer to the ToDo list kind of throws me.

    And the last line means that relationships such as Track X ‘was performed with assgaskets worn by’ Artist Y will be replaced with a more complete (and sensible) list, yes? Is there somewhere we can suggest (or vote on) potential relationships?

  2. bawjaws: That was more an invitation to come and play, rather than hard-core testing.

    And yes, the cobbled together relationships on the server are going away — even the assgasket related ones. 😦

    Don Redman is leading the charge to create the new set of links — we’re bantering them about privately for a little bit before we open the link design to the public. We’re trying to avoid design by committee, but rest assured that you’ll have a chance to review/comment on the link design.

  3. Cool. Bug reports here? (just say and I’ll stick them in too)

    * bogus dates are accepted e.g. 1993-00-01 created by leaving the month field empty.

    * It’s confusing linking two things with the same title (cover songs, album re-releases etc.)

    * If there is the same relationship with two or more entities then it appears impossible to edit any but the first item in the list.

  4. Please enter bugs into — please make sure to assign them to mayhemchaos, otherwise they’ll end up on Dave’s plate.

    Thanks for looking at this though!

  5. I don’t see it – I think you have to be a project admin to be able to do that. The only drop-boxs I’ve got are Category & Group.

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