Vacation, pub night and getting back to work

I had a really great time in Europe (Spain and Britain) in the last couple of weeks. Now I’ve returned to the states, cleaned up my travel gear and I’m trying to convince my body to get over the jet-lag and prepare for getting back to work tomorrow.

The MusicBrainz Pub Night was a success, if I say so myself. We ended up settling on the third pub in the list: Old Thameside. At its peak we had 14 people present, which is a record for getting Brainzerz together in one room. I really enjoyed meeting people face-to-face, espousing the virtues of MusicBrainz and getting people fired up about contributing.

We had a great number of conversations throughout the evening, but we mainly avoided plotting grand new schemes that we wouldn’t have time to implement. We did talk quite a bit about the new non-profit, AdvancedRelationships and our perennial problem of reducing the number of open moderations. We all had a good laugh at the last one — no matter what we do, it seems that open moderations tends to hover around 4000-5000 open moderations.

I really hope that in the coming year we can tackle a number of the things are we’re hoping to work on, so that we can have another full fledged summit towards the end of next year.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the pub night — it was a really fun evening!