BBC Thinking Lunch presentation

Kim Plowright from the BBC was kind enough to invite me to speak to the BBC about online communities and MusicBrainz. The presentation went well and the question and answer session allowed us (Dave Evans, RJ@AudioScrobbler, Russ@AudioScrobbler and myself were in attendance) meet some of the BBC folks. Dan Hill from the BBC even asked me how the Advance Relationship work was going — I was expecting all kinds of questions, but I was surprised by that one.

Here are the presentation slides I used.

7 thoughts on “BBC Thinking Lunch presentation”

  1. Are you able to tell us why the BBC invited you? (was it for them to write about communities or to help them with their own or something entirely different?)

  2. It wasn’t the first — I think the idea was more that the BBC wants to learn from projects out there and apply that learning to their own projects. And music metadata is also a hot topic for them right now, so there was a double fit.

  3. Matt and I were actually unable to go to it, which was a real disappointment. I was busy organising another BBC session over in Radio and Music with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. I think Dan Hill and Paul Hammond – other R&Mi people – went to it though.

  4. Links for 2004-12-09

    MusicBrainz come to the BBC’s learning lunch After working on a project around programme information for most of the last year, I’ve started to get really interested in standard identifiers and metadata for all kinds of things. A universal…

  5. Hello,
    I am in France and I search Jamie Munro who worked at BBC, Ten years ago…
    If you know him…can I have his @ adress
    thank you
    Excuse me for the faults !!!

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