Server Updates

“Add Disc ID” moderations, and Annotations.

Changes mainly of interest to MusicBrainz Users

“Add Disc ID” Moderations

Whenever a disc ID is added to an existing album, it is now tracked
via an “Add Disc ID” moderation.  This applies both to disc IDs added
via the “CD lookup” interface (in which case the moderation is credited to
whoever performed the lookup), and also to those added as a result of a
FreeDB lookup (which fall under the “FreeDB” moderator). 
“Add Disc ID” moderations are not used in the case where
an album and a disc ID are added at the same time.


Annotations allow you to add notes to artists and albums. 
See How Annotations Work
and the Annotations FAQ
Thanks to Matthias Friedrich for building the foundations of this feature.

Bugs and RFEs Closed

Dave Evans