Trod trod trod

I have Picard starting up on Gentoo linux! Finally sorted out some permission problems and got the last of the requirements installed, and it runs! Well, almost. I can’t actually do anything; dragging files has no effect, the application complains a bit and won’t shut down properly; but still, progress! On the Mac, I’ve managed to work around some Python issues with respect to case insensitive filesystems, but now wxPython won’t compile, so I’ve taken a break from that and turned to the Windows front: I’m installing Windows XP into a VirtualPC as I write.

As an aside, I’ve almost got the my MusicBrainz test server up and running again, having some issues with the database import though. I forgot how many perl modules you need to install to get this thing running, but it only has to happen once.

One thought on “Trod trod trod”

  1. Yeay — at least it runs on Linux. The drag and drop is quite flaky still — doesn’t work on the Mac at all from what I can tell. But I have no clue as to what I might be doing wrong to cause that.

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