Annotations, part II

Following on the Annotations work, I’ve now got it automatically handling artist / album merges and deletes, which was one of my main concerns before. I think this makes it just about ready to test. It’s a very simple feature, which is possibly one reason why I think it will work – I’m not sure it needs to be any more complex – not for the first release anyway.

Update: see the Wiki for documentation.

Here we go, documentation on the fly again – somebody will probably paste this into a Wiki page in the future. 🙂

If you delete, then any attached annotations are lost; that’s nice and simple.

If you merge, then both sets of annotations get merged together (and their histories become interleaved). If both artists / albums had annotations before the merge, then a new annotation is created which is simply a concatenation of the latest annotation of each one.

2 thoughts on “Annotations, part II”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Firstly, good work on the annotations branch, when I was looking at it under Matthias’ realm it looked very nice indeed, and much needed. Let me know when it’s ready for some testing and I’ll put some time into it.

    Secondly, I’m a little confused about your comments on merging. You seem to suggest that annotations can be merged without merging an artist or album at the same time. Is that correct, and if it is, is it really necessary? Being able to shunt annotations around like that independant of an artist or album merge doesn’t seem too useful to me, ie: when would it ever be used?

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