Style Guidelines Work

Started work on the effort to move the official style guidelines to the Wiki. Created a Wiki page mimicing the current Official Style Guidelines page, it’s still a bit rough and I need to work on the formatting, but it’s there. Also started work on the style pages from the main site out of CVS, but realised I can’t get too far without a working running version of the MB server – viewing the raw html file in the browser doesn’t get all the Mason code. Setting up the server is a job for tomorrow.

One thought on “Style Guidelines Work”

  1. Hum, Tarragon, we are doing duplicate work here.

    Look what I have started here: This is a comprehensive list of guidelines but they link to a page for each guideline.

    This is much more Wiki-like because then the individual guidelines can be linked to each other (and to sensible context information).

    Note the sentence ” This is an OfficalStyleGuideline” on a page like

    I know that with this approach the information is not centralized in one place that you (the StyleDude) can easily control. But, hey, that is the point of a Wiki, that you do not keep control.

    (please mail me to the list, if you want to discuss this further)

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