Welcome to the MusicBrainz community weblog!

We recently started discussing setting up a blog for MusicBrainz contributors to post information about the work they are doing in order to keep the community up to date. Having gotten no negative feedback on the idea, I proceeded to make it happen.

I really like Movable Type — its a great piece of software, and SixApart agreed to donate license for Moveable Type — that’s a $249.95 value! We can now publish this blog and add up to 35 users to this blog. I think that should suffice for the immediate future. 🙂

Thank you very much to Mena, Ben, Mie and Barak at SixApart! You guys rock and so does your software!

If you are a MusicBrainz contributor and would like to get an account to post this webblog, please send me some mail and I’ll set it up.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the MusicBrainz community weblog!”

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