MusicBrainz Tagger 0.9.0 Released

A new MusicBrainz Tagger has been released. This version fixes many existing
bugs and adds a couple of new features that round out the tagger a bit.

Robert Kaye writes:

I’ve made the following changes/fixes/improvements:

– Fixed problems with writing ID3 and Ogg Vorbis tags. Even if one file
would’ve caused previous taggers to crash, the new version should
keep chugging.
– Random ‘cannot connect to signature server’ bugs should be fixed.
– Added a new Web Proxy tab in the preferences that allows you to
override the proxy settings. If you’ve been getting ‘Cannot connect
to signature server’ bugs, you should set your proxy settings in this
tab and try again.
– ArtistId, AlbumId and TRM Ids now get written to the music files.
– The tagger will check for needed diskspace before writing tags to
files. This should hopefully prevent any files from getting
corrupted in case the system runs out of diskspace.
– The file open and dir open dialogs now remember the last used path
– The tagger will now limit the number of TRMs in one submission to
100 TRMs. Once you have collected 100 TRMs the app will prompt you
to submit them to the server.
– Files that are all silence will get properly ided.
– There is a warning dialog to warn the user that files are about
to get renamed.

And I’ve also implemented a couple of new features:

– The file naming specification allows you to specify subdirectories.
So, the tagger can now save into /%artist/%album/%track.mp3
formats. If you’d like to take advantage of that, go to the
preferences and hit the ‘default’ button in the naming tab.
– Tagged files can now get moved to a destination directory,
with the appropriate subdirectories mentioned above.
– If a file has been previously identified, but the file naming
specification has changed, or the file does not reside
in the proper destination directory, the tagger will move it
there for you when you click write tags.
– The tagger will now optionally watch a directory for you and
any new files that appear in that directory will automatically
be placed in the pending tab. This way if you download music
files off the net (from legal sources of course) just save them
to that directory and the tagger will start crunching those files
once they have completed downloading.

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